The ARCH Seminar


Kahuna Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing Seminar Kahuna ARCH®
A Quantum Leap Beyond Reiki!

You are invited to join me in a seminar where you will experience an ancient form of energetic healing, Kahuna ARCH, which uses the full spectrum of light frequencies and has the ability to heal instantaneously.  This ancient healing energy was used by the Rainbow people of Hawaii, Tahiti and Egypt.

The seminar will be taught by Barbara Coman, Ph.D. This incredible healer will bring energy through that will amaze you.

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At this seminar, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn a technique to manifest the results you want in your life now
  • Learn powerful healing techniques to heal yourself, others and situations
  • Experience and learn powerful meditation techniques
  • Empower yourself to make your dreams a reality
  • Become certified as a Kahuna ARCH practitioner

What others have said about ARCH®:

From graduates of Kahna ARCH® Healing seminar:

” I was amazed at the depth of connection and resonance and emotions I had during the initiations- great! more than great, WOW! Expect miracles and wonderful surprises.

~ Dr. K.H., Princeton, NJ

“Be open to the process and you will visit great and wonderful places. It’s so much fun and very insightful.”

~ Natasha, L.A, CA (college student)

“I felt and experienced a sense of peace and stability during a time of transition in my life. The tools for accessing divine love and healing have and will continue to change my approach to how I see and interact with the world. I received a gift that I will use in my daily life forever. An amazing experience.”

~ Betsy, L.A., CA.

“This ARCH seminar training is a deepening and dimensional experience, spacious and transforming. I highly recommend it.”

~ Rev. Dana, Burbank, CA

“Everything is Love, Everything is Knowledge, Everything is Wisdom, and Everything is Truth, but you must first know your own truth. Thank you for this wonderful seminar.”

~ Albert, S.F.,CA

“ARCH is mastership, on all levels of powerful mind! Thank you for remembrance. You are a wonderful teacher. Great class, I love it.”

~ Lenka, L.A., CA

“More information and useful tools taught in one weekend than I’ve experienced in typical 2 or 3 workshops/seminars combined. Thank you for the quality of your teaching and the harmonious energy in the space.”

~ Davina, Redlands, CA

Individual ARCH healing sessions with Marilyn and Barbara:

The CEO of a Production Company states; ARCH gives you the freedom and clarity to step back from the drama of life and make choices for your highest good.

A minister states; For the first time in 25 years my back pain is gone!

A young woman shares; The emotional trauma from being abused as a child is gone! Thank you for my life!

A corporate executive says; The pain in my neck and shoulders just disappeared!