The ARCH Seminar Introduction

Are You Ready To Experience One of The Most Powerful Forms of

Ancient Vibrational Healing Energy In The World Now?

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience
Kahuna Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing ARCH®

During this preview, will experience an ancient form of energetic healing, Kahuna ARCH, which uses the full spectrum of light frequencies and has the ability to heal instantaneously.  This ancient healing energy was used by the Rainbow people of Hawaii, Tahiti and Egypt.

The preview will be facilitated by Barbara Coman, Ph.D.   This  incredible healer will bring energy through that will amaze you.

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At this preview you will:

  • Receive a direct experience of this healing energy.
  • Learn how it can be used in your daily life.
  • Recognize the power of beliefs and emotions and the role they play in healing dis-ease.

Attend one of the ARCH Previews to learn more about Kahuna ARCH and experience this wonderful energy for yourself.  Words cannot describe what you will experience, for each individual receives that which is perfect for them.  Expect a miracle. Invite a friend; we look forward to sharing with you.

This is approximately 2 hours long.

Only $35 for this amazing evening.