Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Presented by Barbara L. Coman Ph.D.

If you have been imagining a thinner version of yourself for the rest of your life; Dr. Barbara will help you take charge to be all that you can be.

In a series of three, three-hour sessions, she will help you to personally identify the emotional triggers that are controlling your eating behavior. Then, she will help you to change the way that you view food, to affect a positive change in your life.

You will learn to love yourself again and the people around you by eliminating the guilt, fear, anxiety, and stress that have become part of your personal behavior patterns.

The nurturing environment encourages sharing and caring to let you take an honest look at yourself and all of those traditional diets that have not worked for you.  You will be pleased to discover that it is easy to be all that you can be!

Benefits of the Program

  • Not a diet
  • Shrink Your Stomach Mentally
  • Improved Self Esteem 
  • Stop Emotional Eating 
  • Desire to Exercise  
  • Change Eating Habits
  • Eliminate Junk Food
  • Reduce Stress Eating
  • Change Negative Mental Programming
  • You Take Control Of Your Life


    3 classes, approximately 3 hours each
    1 CD to support your change in behaviors
    Support classes if enough members are interested
    Cost: $120.00 registration required.