Check Your Baggage Workshop


Barbara L. Coman Ph.D.
Transformational Guide, Corporate Consultant, Therapist

Finally a program that works!

We are living in the new millennium. We all have dreams that we are capable of transforming into reality now and the time is now.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Am I living my dreams?
Am I all that I am capable of being?
Am I creating a future that is totally blessed and filled with wonder?
Am I ready to release the old baggage that has been holding me back?

Go on an exciting adventure; find yourself living your ultimate dream!

This seminar will change your life; it will provide you with the tools for the steps needed to create the life that you dream about having. Dr. Barbara will serve as your tour guide as you clear out the old subconscious patterns and create your new future. Changing your reality is easy and so much fun. This seminar has already changed the lives of many. The workshop is usually held on Friday evenings from 7-10 PM and Saturdays, 9 AM – 4 PM.

Let their results speak for me, here are a few testimonials:

“Two weeks after the seminar I was offered the job of my dreams and I didn’t even have to go looking.”     ~ A.R

“I found that I was able to open up my space and attract a relationship. I discovered what had been in my way.” ~ J.J

“I love to catch myself and others “telling lies” about who I am and who they are. You must take the seminar just to learn that! It has helped me move from a destructive relationship into a space of becoming who I really am.” ~ A.D.