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“Creating Healthy Life Style Habits”

heart centered resources - healthy food
Welcome to your new lifestyle! Imagine wanting to exercise more, eat less, and lose weight. Just picture a new you, designed by you! Yes you can, and this track will help.

A 35-minute, beautifully composed, visualization, musical relaxation experience. In addition, you will find yourself easily doing all of the necessary things to “Create Your New Healthy Life Style”. Designed and narrated by Barbara Coman Ph.D.

Instant Download $16

“Eliminating Junk Foods with Hypnosis”

eliminate holidy junk foodOvereating for the Holidays?  Put on just a “little” too much weight?

Perhaps the real issue lies deeper than you might notice.  That is where hypnosis can help.  In this powerful renewing hypnosis download, you will learn how to control your unconscious desire for food–finally!

Learn how to say stop in very subtle yet surprisingly simple ways.

Instant Download $16

“Stop Smoking Cessation Program”

Stop Smoking With Hypnosis
Can’t seem to conquer the urge to smoke?  Ever try Hypnosis?

It’s a proven fact that hypnosis works–and it’s MUCH safer than the patch and a lot cheaper than what M.D.’s prescribe.  This hypnosis track is just what you need to stop smoking–forever.  Listen to it as often as you like (yes, we encourage that), and get that filthy disgusting habit behind you, forever.

Get more friends, be more confident, be more calm and relaxed in a very short time.

Instant Download $20

Instant Download $20

“Stop Smoking Music w/Hypnosis”
Companion Track

Carefully designed and arranged to help you when you need to relax and get the smoking off your mind, this gentle soft music will not only put your mind in a peaceful place–it will also be at work subliminally assisting you in powerful subconscious mind training–so you can stop the smoking habit quickly and easily.

“Ocean Joy Meditative Music”

Ocean Gulls

Ocean Joy is soft calming meditative music that was composed for that purpose. It can be used to make you feel more peaceful and calm, you can use it while you work or while you meditate.

Instant download $15

“Over The Rainbow Meditation”

Are you ready to become the truly wonderful individual that you were born to be? “Over The Rainbow Meditation” guides you on a journey of releasing limiting beliefs and replacing them with beliefs that serve your highest good. This meditation guides you in making breakthroughs that you are often unaware of. Are you ready to become the truly wonderful individual you were born to be?

“Over the Rainbow Meditation” was written and narrated by Dr. Barbara to assist you and your soul on this wonderful journey of life.

Instant Download $15

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