What is Energetic Toning?

What Is Energetic Toning? by Jonathan Goldman www.healingsounds.com

Of all the sound-making devices and instruments found on this planet,the human voice is believed by many to have the most healing qualities. No other instrument is capable of such a wide variety of different sounds and textures; and in fact,many other instruments were created in order to emulate the various qualities of the human voice. The range of sonics found in the human voice can go from the growl-like depths of the Tibetan monks to the birdlike qualities found in South American Indian tribes. We can sound like musical instruments—including percussion instruments—as well as nature sounds and other sounds not found anywhere else in nature. We can create an extraordinary spectrum of frequency and timbre using our own voices.

“Toning” is the use of the voice as an instrument for healing. While there are many different possibilities inherent in toning,for most,the term toning means using the human voice to create elongated vowel sounds or single syllables for the express purpose of either release and relief of imbalances in the body or to resonate the physical body and the chakras. It is nonverbal sound,relying primarily on vowels,though it may incorporate the use of consonants to tone single syllables as long as they are not utilized to create coherent meaning. Sighing,moaning,and humming may also be recognized as forms of toning.

Toning is not chanting as we normally perceive it,although toning may sound like chanting. Chanting uses words as either liturgical texts or incantations for a specific purpose with meaning. Such chants use predetermined sounds such as “Om Na Ma Shiva Ya” or “Om Mani Padme Hum.” However,the elongation of a single syllable such as “Om” or “Ra” can be considered a form of toning.

There are a number of reasons why toning may be the most effective use of sound as a healing instrument. First,we can learn to use our voice to resonate with different areas of our body and our chakras in order to bring them into balance. This is based upon the principle of resonance. Every organ,bone,and tissue in the body has a healthy frequency at which it normally vibrates. When imbalances set in,the vibrations in that portion of the body become out of tune. Through toning,we can set these vibrations back in tune. This principle of sound healing is also true of the energetic body as well as of the physical body—and is especially effective when focused on the chakras.

Second,the human voice is able to focus sound as a vehicle to project the energy of intention better than any other instrument. Intention is the energy behind the sound that is being created. It is the consciousness we have when we are making a sound.

In my book Healing Sounds, I created the formula “Frequency + Intent = Healing.” Frequency is the actual,physical sound we create. When it is coupled with the intent of healing,the overall sound that is produced creates the vibration of healing that can affect our physical body and our chakras.