Mind Body Connection in Healing

By Alan M Matez, D.O. with www.medicalhypnosiscenter.com

When we utilize the mind body connection it gives us the power for perfect health! Yes that’s right, and we all have the power within us. Many dis-eases and sicknesses can be the result of emotional or traumatic events that have previously happened during our life. By utilizing the benefits of Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™, we can locate and release the trauma or emotion that is subconsciously or unconsciously feeding the illness. Once the trauma or emotion is released, the body can then has the ability to heal naturally and quickly. It is also important to release any lessons to be learned or any perceived pay-offs that you have for keeping the dis-ease. Read the real life stories and experiences of myself and others at the end of this article.

All of the thoughts that we think has a physiological effect on our body. Ask yourself, are you thinking your way to sickness or to good health? So often we are not aware of our thoughts.

You maybe wondering- how do I do this? Well often we wish for perfect health however we can be jeopardizing that by our own personal thoughts- or by what we are saying to ourselves. If you allow or permit negative thoughts to continually run in your mind you end up doing what I call, negative programming.

How many times has a Doctor predicted and told his patient they had maybe 6 months to live and that person has died quite often before the six months was up? There have been numerous cases reported where people have been diagnosed with cancer and given a short time to live and after they have passed away an autopsy has revealed they didn’t have enough cancer cells in their body to kill them! What does that tell us? What we believe really does make a difference. (Read the story of my former husband and cancer)

Yes, it is the result of the mind body connection- the power of the mind as that person has been focusing on the negative! Well, the same can work in reverse. Louise Hay a well-known author cured herself of cancer. Did she do this by focusing on what her doctor had told her? No, instead she focused on positivism and the making of positive statements (affirmations). I would recommend any of her books for reading and the one that comes to mind at the moment is “You Can Heal Your Life.” Louise hated her Step Father so much and she believes that as a result of that hate she developed cancer.

I believe any negative emotions such as anger; guilt, fear, sadness and hate can manifest themselves in disease. It is unhealthy to be carrying any of these with us and many of us do. With Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™ these can all be removed in a very short space of time.

Any of these emotions can hinder our immune system and then medical problems arise.

Honestly expressing your feelings can boost your natural immune system quickly. An improved immune system can in turn defeat pathogenic invaders of the body and also give you a better response to the challenges of age. In a 1986 study, psychologist James W. Pennebaker of Southern Methodist Univ. found that students were happier and healthier when they confided to others their own personal traumas as opposed to those students who did not do so, or only recounted trivial matters to others.
Because a positive emotional attitude is more harmonious with good health than a negative attitude, just as “laughter is the best medicine”, it is important that we learn to tap into this incredible Mind-Body connection within us. We must discover how much power we have over our bodies and ourselves. This is what will ultimately lead us all to a higher quality of life, good health, and well-being.

If you are carrying any of the emotions of anger, fear, guilt, sadness and hate please remember what you have read above. I can help you to tap into your own incredible resources and release those emotions, thereby possibly helping you to overcome or maybe even prevent any serious health problems in the future. Should you currently be a sufferer, I can still help! Remember, the work I do, also works to support any medical work that is taking place.