Dave’s Story

Dave’s Story: In 1974, we had only been married for 1 year, Dave had his annual physical exam, and the MD said, all is fine. That evening, we went shopping for new golf clubs and when we came home he started urinating blood. The next morning I met with the doctors and looked at the x-rays and I saw the tumor in his left kidney. That evening the urologist walked into his hospital room, looked at us and said, “you have cancer, we are removing your kidney on Friday morning”. Then the doctor left the room. This was on Wednesday night, I don’t give that particular doctor a very high grade for his bedside manner.
On Friday, after the surgery, I met with the doctors and was told that the tumor had penetrated the aorta and it was the type of cancer that is carried through the blood and he would be dead in 3 years. I looked at the doctors and said, “you will tell him that you got all of the cancer and that he will be just fine”. They didn’t argue for long so that was what Dave was told. This is now 2008 and he is still alive and well and the cancer never returned. We went our separate ways in 1981 and about 1988, I told him what the doctors had told me and he was astonished. You see, what we believe does affect how we live our lives.

In a past life, I had been his mother and as a child he had become ill and I could not save him. I completed the karma in this lifetime as noted below ~ Barbara Coman

Past Life Regression: As my first teacher, Dick Sutphen said, I don’t know if it is true, but does it get results. I have worked with many individuals doing past life regressions with some incredible results. It is just another tool. I am now going to share one of my own stories that took place in 1981.

My story: In 1978 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and hospitalized. After coming out of the hospital I went to a psychiatrist for a few sessions. This was before I knew anything about holistic healing, hypnotherapy, etc. It appeared to clear up, however in 1981 when I was in the midst of divorce, the colitis flared up again. By this time I was studying past life regression and I went to Dr. Hazel Denning, in Riverside, CA, who doing research on dis-ease and past lives. One of her other therapists worked with me and a miracle took place. I walked in bleeding and walked out healed. My x-rays to this day show a totally healthy colon, no sign of any dis-ease or even that it ever existed.
So what happened you ask. I was regressed back to 16th.century England when I was married to Dave, the man I was in the processing of divorcing. I started to tremble and sob and the pictures that came up were of him beating me everyday and finally beating me to death and leaving me in the corner to die. As my soul left my body it was angry, and colitis is metaphysically, an anger-based dis-ease. The therapist helped me release the anger and the fear that my sub-conscious mind had held onto in this life time. It is interesting that I had a fear of him that was not based on anything in our life in this lifetime. The next time I saw him, I had no fear and no anger. I had an instantaneous healing and that was 27 years ago.